Whole House Fans

residential heating and cooling whole house fan

This home-improvement product helps cool and ventilate your Silicon Valley home, boosting both comfort and air quality. Hot air, moisture and odors are drawn out of your home, and replaced with fresh, cool outdoor air.

By simply flicking a switch, hot air will exit through your attic vents or roof. This creates a negative pressure which draws fresh air in through your windows and causes a gentle breeze throughout your home. You can control how your home ventilates, depending on which and how many windows you open.

Comfort and Energy Savings

These systems typically use 90% less energy than an air conditioner to operate, resulting in significant cost savings. They are ideal for our arid Silicon Valley climate, with cool nights and relatively low summer humidity levels. Use the system when outdoor temperatures are lower than indoor temperatures.

Some South Bay homeowners have central air and a whole house fan, utilizing the latter to save energy and reduce the use of the air conditioner. Other homeowners use just the whole house fan as the primarily cooling solution.

Design and Installation

It is recommended to use a professional to install a whole house fan to ensure that it is working properly and saving the most energy. These systems are usually relatively inexpensive to install.

We can design a system that meets your cooling and ventilation needs, with ideal air exchange rates for your home. Our skilled technicians can calculate the air volume in your Silicon Valley home to determine the fan capacity needed to keep you comfortable.

Since 1995, we have helped make thousands of homes across the Silicon Valley more energy efficient and comfortable. Residential Heating and Air Conditioning is a woman-owned company with a veteran team of employees with deep industry knowledge.

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Woody spent about 5 hours crawling under the house, going through the attic and conducting various tests on our heater, ducts, insulation, etc.

We ended up having a new furnace and new heater ducts installed, and more insulation added to the attic and a bathroom fan installed as well as various building sealing and pipes wrapped, etc. We were charged a very fair price, as there was a LOT of labor involved with our job.

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