Crawl Space Vapor Barriers

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Crawl spaces are usually dark, musty, dirty places where homeowners avoid going. Although moisture issues in your crawl space may go unnoticed, they can impact the air quality and comfort in your South Bay home.

In fact, excess moisture encourages mold, dust mites, insects, and pest populations. In severe cases, it can cause structural damage to the wood framing and insulation in your home.

A vapor barrier may be an integral part of a moisture-control strategy for your home. We can assess the situation to determine if this strategy will be effective in cutting energy bills, boosting comforting and maintaining cleaner indoor air in your home.

Promoting Indoor Air Quality

With moderate levels detected in our area, radon gas can impact air quality in Silicon Valley homes. If a home has bare soil in the basement, a crawl space vapor barrier can prevent its infiltration in your home.

Common allergens are prevalent in crawl spaces, especially when humidity levels climb. Dust mites prefer moist environments and dust mite droppings commonly trigger allergic reactions. Mold growth commonly triggers sneezing, a runny nose, and postnasal drip.

Although it seems surprising, the air quality in your home is heavily impacted by your crawl space because a lot of the air that we breath on the first floor of our homes originated from below. This is because the buoyancy of warmer air pulls air in through the crawl space and up into your home, particularly during the heating season.

Protecting Your Home

Elevated humidity levels in your crawl space can take a toll on the wood and insulation in your home, causing rot and degradation. Some insects, such as termites and carpenter ants are attracted to and thrive in high humidity conditions. Lower humidity levels will help keep protect your Silicon Valley home for many years.

Our veteran technicians have extensive experience in designing and installing effective vapor barriers. Residential Heating and Air Conditioning is a woman-owned company with a team of veteran technicians that are known for providing high quality work at a reasonable price.

Promote Cleaner Air In Your Home

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Jay, Luis and Matt just finished a two-day job of removing our old duct work and replacing it with new energy efficient ducts. They also air sealed the attic, vents, and crawlspace. In addition to their excellent work, they were friendly, showed up on time, made very little mess and thoroughly cleaned up and vacuumed. I highly recommend Residential Heating and AC. Thanks for a job well done.

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