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Air Filtration Systems and Removal of Airborne Contaminants

Providing clean healthy air for your home is essential. According to air quality experts such as the American Lung Association, quality ventilation and air filtration inside your home should be at the top of the list of proactive measures home owners need to consider in regards to protecting the health of the occupants.

Healthy Home

In order to provide a healthy and comfortable indoor home environment the home needs to be able to exhaust any airborne contaminants that are generated/introduced into the home and replace this air with uncontaminated air on a continuous basis. To do this often requires a high performance, balanced ventilation system.

Below are the key elements to consider: 

  1. The effectiveness of the filtration system
  2. The energy efficiency of the system
  3. The moisture transfer efficiency of the solution
  4. The overall cost of ownership
  5. The installation and operation of the system.

At Residential Heating and Air we’ve done the heavy lifting for you in regards to research. We continually research all the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) market offerings available and only offer the solutions we would buy ourselves. We look for solutions that:

  • Address all possible filtering/ventilation required
  • Provide the highest energy and moisture transfer ratings
  • Provide the lowest cost of ownership
  • Offer the best combination of installation and integration into existing systems
  • Have the lowest maintenance required for effective operation   

Stay Safe with Residential

If you think you have an Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) issue call us. We’ll begin by asking you about your situation and then listen to your thoughts and concerns. Next, we’ll use our high technology diagnostic tools to test the air in your home to find out what’s in it. We will analyze the results and should the findings indicate that you do have an IAQ problem then we will work with you to understand the options you have in regards to the situation. Next we’ll ask you if you want our help in addressing the issue or issues. There is a solution to your problems that will protect you and your family from potentially harmful airborne threats inside your home.

We are unwaveringly committed to setting the industry standard for workmanship and service, and we thank our customers for showing their appreciation by referring us to their friends. When you get your air filtration system installed by Residential Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc., you can always rest assured that the installation will be completed on time, within budget, and to your complete satisfaction.

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The team installation took a week, as I needed to replace the heater and air ducts that had asbestos, then new insulations. My heating bill dropped $98.00 from Dec-Jan 2014 to Dec-Jan 2015. The crew were wonderful, respectful of my home and me. They always cleaned up after themselves every day. I have recommended the company and the Energy Upgrade program to friends and family.

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