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Air Sealing for Efficiency, Comfort & Health

Proper air sealing utilizing state of the art techniques and sealing products increases a home’s efficiency, comfort and health. To provide a legal and safe Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) environment for your home it is of the utmost importance that air sealing work be performed correctly. Sealing air leaks in a home is a science. 

Once people learned that sealing up a home could help lower their energy costs many either did the work themselves or hired people not trained in building performance science to do the work. 

But instead of just getting the desired reduction in their PG&E bills they were after they unknowingly put their family’s health at risk. 


At Residential Heating and Air Conditioning we are trained and certified in building science to provide you and your family with an efficient, healthy home once our air sealing efforts are completed.  In regards to air sealing work, the health and safety of the home’s occupants is our primary concern. As part of our building science certification training the Home Performance Contracting team at Residential learned how to conduct “Home-as-a-System” diagnostic safety tests to make sure the amount of fresh air exchanging through the home is sufficient to promote the healthy environment required by law. After all work is performed we conduct a scientific test-out procedure upon completion that insures that your home is getting the correct and legal amount of fresh air required.

Safety Always Comes First

Additionally we can test the air in the home for the presence of harmful particles that can cause respiratory problems and even cancer. When Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) such as cancer causing Formaldehyde or Benzene gas is trapped in the air of an under ventilated home, instead of having created an energy efficient home what has happened is that the home now has become a health threat to the people inside due to extremely hazardous indoor air quality.  Don’t just trust your health to just anyone.  Make sure you contact a BPI certified and California CSLB licensed professional that has been trained and is committed to safety and health first.

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Excellent excellent service. I highly recommend this to everyone!!!

A year ago, the guys from Residential came out and analyzed my home. They put a blower door on my house and inspected it for leaks etc. They did the same thing for my furnace duct system and inspected my heating and air conditioning system. They then came back with a full report including suggestions for what I should do for my home to increase efficiency and comfort.

We were looking to increase the comfort in our home and save a little money while we were at it. Let me tell you it worked: Our drafty home is a thing of the past.

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