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Radiant cooling systems take advantage of the outstanding cooling abilities of water. They keep Silicon Valley homes comfortable all summer by pumping cooled water through tubing in the walls or ceiling. Radiant cooling systems are particularly popular with our customers who do not like cool air blowing on them.

These innovative systems work by cooling surfaces and not the air directly. Heat from the air, occupants, and objects is absorbed by cooled surfaces, maintaining even temperatures throughout the day.

With low summer humidity levels, radiant cooling systems are well-suited for our Silicon Valley climate because homes do not need a dehumidifier in the summer. While radiant heating systems are already relatively popular in Santa Clara County, radiant cooling systems were more recently introduced to the market. Radiant cooling is already popular in Europe and is now gaining popularity in the United States.

Enjoy Greater Home Comfort

To keep Silicon Valley homes comfortable during the summer, air conditioners cool and move high volumes of air. This results is significant airflow and drafts, which can be uncomfortable for many people. Uneven temperatures in an air conditioned house are also common.

Quiet radiant cooling systems use pumps instead of fans, so the there is less airflow in the home, while maintaining even temperatures. Because cool air will sink, tubing in the walls and ceiling will cool surrounding air, which will then sink and distribute itself in the room.

Lower Energy Bills

Depending on the application, radiant cooling systems can result in significant energy savings. While central air conditioning systems use ducts to disperse air, radiant cooling systems use water in tubing.

Water transports energy more efficiently than air, so there is less energy loss through ductwork. In addition, between 20 and 30% of air traveling through ducts is lost due to leaks, holes, and poor connections, according to ENERGY STAR. Leaked air from ducts provides little or no value for this lost energy.

Radiant cooling systems can also be zoned, so you can have greater control over which rooms are cooled. Our team can design a system that helps cut your energy bills while promoting comfort.

Breath Easily With Clean Indoor Air

We typically install radiant cooling systems in new construction along with a ventilation system that is specifically designed to promote indoor air quality by exhausting stale air. Fresh incoming air is filtered, so you can rest assured that your home has high quality indoor air all day long.

Since 1995, Residential Heating and Air Conditioning has helped boost comfort and energy efficiency in thousands of homes across Santa Clara County. Our woman-owned company has a veteran team skilled in designing and installing radiant cooling systems in the Silicon Valley.

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