Woody spent about 5 hours crawling under the house, going through the attic and conducting various tests on our heater, ducts, insulation, etc.

We ended up having a new furnace and new heater ducts installed, and more insulation added to the attic and a bathroom fan installed as well as various building sealing and pipes wrapped, etc. We were charged a very fair price, as there was a LOT of labor involved with our job.

Every person I spoke with or had any dealings with from Residential Heating and Air Conditioning was a pleasant experience. Best of all, all their hard work paid off and our home is significantly more comfortable. It was 96 degrees in the shade at 3:30pm. Inside... it was a FABULOUS 72 degrees, without air conditioning! Wooo Hooo. I am very happy.

Update: Our PG&E bills have dropped 30%. We were so happy with the new furnace, ducts and insulation this winter. Thanks!